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It’s reassuring to know someone will carry out your wishes if you can’t make important decisions for yourself. 
Advances in technology and medicine mean we can look forward to longer and healthier lives. However, many of us know that, as we grow older, we should put plans in place. 
If not for our own sake, it will give our friends and family peace of mind. 
You can appoint a close relative to be your attorney.
Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) are important if you’re ever in a position where you can’t make decisions for yourself. They allow you to choose people you trust to make decisions about your finances and care on your behalf. 
LPAs are a good idea for people of all ages, not just the elderly. However, the process is currently paper-based and slow. 
The government at Westminster has approved a new Act for Lasting Powers of Attorney.
In Parts 1 and 2 we looked at some tactics scammers use to persuade people to part with their valuables or money. 
As a family member, friend or carer, you can help to prevent someone becoming a victim. 
Like Aloe, you can protect against the damage of scammers, but you might need some thorns too
National research has looked at financial fraud and scamming. It includes universities and national organisations such as the National Trading Standards Scams team and the Chartered Trading Standards Institute. 
One very clear message is that many of us underestimate just how devious and clever these scammers can be. 
Scammers trap their victims in a spider's web of deceit.
One thrid of us know someone who has been diagnosed with dementia
Research shows that rates of dementia are rising in the UK. 
More than half of UK adults know someone who has been diagnosed with dementia and it’s estimated that one in three people born in the UK in 2022 will develop dementia in their lifetime. 
One way for the people affected and their loved ones to retain control over decisions about medical treatment and healthcare is to make an ‘advanced decision’. 
A laptop with the government's online application page for Lasting Powers of Attorney
Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) help to protect you, your family, and your loved ones if you are unable to make decisions for yourself temporarily or in the longer term. 
The current process to create and register your LPAs is largely paper-based and very detailed. This is one of the reasons why only 14% of British people have LPAs in place. 
The government has now launched a consultation about the use of technology to reform the LPA process, improve access, and speed up the service. 
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