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Q: What is the Court of Protection? 
A: The Court of Protection (COP) makes decisions about the finances and welfare of people who are permanently or temporarily unable to make decisions for themselves. The COP can: 
decide whether someone has mental capacity to make a decision 
appoint deputies to make ongoing decisions 
give people permission to make one-off decisions 
handle urgent or emergency applications 
consider applications to make statutory wills or gifts 
make decisions about when someone can be detained under the Mental Capacity Act. 
There’s a growing trend for highly personalised funerals according to Sun Life’s most recent ‘Cost of Dying’ report. The report says that more than eight out of ten funeral directors (82%) have seen an increase in ceremonies that they describe as a ‘celebration of life’. 
Your special requests 
Half of all funeral services now include popular songs and anthems including Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ and Bob Marley’s ‘Don’t Worry’. 
More unusual requests for the service itself have included people wearing sports team strips, Hawaiian shirts or Wellingtons. 
Health care experts say that just 25 per cent of older women and 20 per cent of older men do any exercise at all. It is recommended that we should all be undertaking 150 minutes of exercise weekly, however some studies show that only 2 per cent of older adults manage to achieve this target. 
Doctors along with some age related charities have written to the British Medical Journal, stating that many older people believe that exercise is just for the young. There needs to be a shift in peoples attitudes. As an ageing population, if we do not exercise as we get older to keep ourselves physically fit, there will be an even greater demand on social care. Experts are calling upon the elderly to take responsibility and understand their role in keeping themselves fit and healthy to lesson the demand for social care in the future. 
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