Single or Mirror Wills  

A Single Will is what you probably think of when you hear the word ‘Will’ – a document created by one person, regardless of marital or relationship status, which states the persons wishes after death and how they would like their estate to be distributed. This, we would recommend, is the absolute minimum that everyone should have. 
Mirror Wills serve the same purpose but are designed for couples who have identical or very similar wishes. Because the wording of the two Wills is unlikely to differ much, Mirror Wills are generally a far better deal if you are married or are couple rather than buying a Single Will for each partner separately. Mirror Wills can be purchased by couples whether they are married, in a civil partnership or even unmarried. Writing mirror Wills is a cost effective option for partners and should include provision if both parties die simultaneously. 
Using a Single Will, or a set of Mirror Wills, you can establish the executors who will manage the distribution of your estate after your death, appoint guardians for children and set out who should inherit sums of money or specific possessions. You are also able to state if you wish to leave any money to charities, and express your wishes with regard to funeral arrangements. 
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