When you lose a close friend or family member you must deal with your grief and many practical issues too. 
If you’re an executor for your loved one’s estate this is a very challenging time. Although it’s a necessary administrative process it’s sometimes confusing and stressful. 
As this couple standing in a graveyard know bereavement is difficult.
You can leave cryptocurrency like Bitcoin to your loved ones when you die
Cryptocurrency is digital money. It’s protected by technology called blockchain which safely stores information about your transactions. 
Many people are interested in cryptocurrency because banks and governments don’t control it. 
You can use cryptocurrency to buy some things online but it’s also a new way to invest and save for the future. Some think the value of cryptocurrencies will go up as more people use them. 
Many people are paying for their nursing home care from their savings or by selling their home. This is despite provision for the NHS to pay for their care. 
If you can’t look after yourself at home any longer, your local authority or the NHS should provide your care. If you don’t need nursing care your local authority will carry out an assessment to decide how much you should contribute. Your care will only be fully funded if your assets fall below £23,250. If you need nursing care, the NHS should pay. 
If you're a wheelchair user and need medical care you could qualify for NHS funding
We’re all learning to use technology in our daily lives, from banking, reading the news or looking for a dinner recipe. Should we make our Wills online too? 
Here are some things you should know. 
Laptop with government website Wills page
Few people understand how and when a Will can be contested
According to a recent survey many of us, especially in younger age groups, don’t know when a Will can be contested
Almost nine out of 10 people aged 45 to 59 in the UK have only a basic understanding of contesting a Will. 
Just over half know the necessary grounds to contest a Will. Only around a third know the process has a time limit. 
Did you know that your local council can claw back money it provides for your care fees? 
It can do this if it believes you gave away assets to avoid paying the full cost of your care. 
If you need residential care your council could claw back the cost - older couple looking out of a windows
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