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There are two types of lasting power of attorney (LPA); one for your property and financial affairs, and one for your health and welfare. 
You can only put LPAs in place if you have capacity to appoint your attorney(s). 
If you haven’t put LPAs in place and lose capacity to make these decisions, then someone will need to apply to the Court of Protection for a deputyship order.  
This will allow them to manage your affairs, but you won’t be able to say who you want the Court to appoint. 
When you write your Will, you should have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. 
However, if your will isn’t properly written or someone feels that they have been unfairly excluded, your Will could be contested after your death. 
There are also a number of other grounds on which your Will can be challenged. All or part of your Will could be invalid if the challenge is successful. 
If all of your Will is invalid, and you don’t have a previously valid Will, then your estate would be handled according to the laws of intestacy
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