Who Will Look After My Children 
Report by the Telegraph May 2014 by Rachael Tinniswood 

  Who Will Look After My Children  Report by the Telegraph May 2014 by Rachael Tinniswood    CONTACT US   

Admittedly, just the thought of choosing one family member over another is enough to make me go scuttling back to the washing pile, and it seems I’m not alone. A recent survey by Unbiased.co.uk reveals that more than one half of the UK adult population (58 per cent) is similarly guilty of slacking in the will-making department. 
Who will look after your children if you die? Strangers? 
Over 24,000 children are bereaved of a parent each year in Britain and yet very few people have chosen a legal guardian for their little ones. Rachael Tinniswood outlines the big risks of failing to act and shares some practical advice 
There are many child-related issues that keep me awake at night. The hunger strike my toddler embarks on most evenings, guilt-trips over consecutive failures to hit his five-a-day quota, not to mention the toddler himself, imposing his physical presence in a way that would force even Sleeping Beauty out of her 100-year coma. 
But it turns out that the one topic that should really be concerning me is the one I’ve ignored for far too long – Wills. Or more specifically, just who my husband and I would opt to name as our child’s guardian in one. 
With children’s bereavement charity Winston’s Wish reporting that over 24,000 children are bereaved of a parent each year in Britain, maybe it’s something that we all should be thinking about. 
“Putting off the will-making process is a risky strategy which means that parents are ultimately playing Russian Roulette with their child’s future,” warns solicitor Claire Currie,. “By postponing the process, they are unwittingly putting their children at risk of court-battles, family disputes and potentially even foster care.” 
We couldn't have put this better ourselves. 
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