The new Stealth Tax as may are calling it, is now in place, the new Probate Fees. These new band of fees are going to make it hard for may people who are faced with the task of sorting out their families Estates, putting a financial burden on families that may not have ready funds available to be able to pay the fees that are required upfront for probate to be granted. 
Having a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan in place, means that you are securing the cost of your funeral at today's prices, with the cost of funerals set to rise over the coming years, you know that having secured the cost at today's prices, your family wont have to worry about paying for your funeral in the future, or were that money is going to come from. 
Power of Attorney is not just for the elderly. As an Estate Planner, I see people all the time that have been thrown into a situation where a loved one, whether it be a spouse or partner or their son or daughter has had an unexpected accident, or has suddenly become very ill or has been diagnosed with a life changing illness. Recently I had a young girl in her late teens that had been diagnosed with having a brain tumor. 
It is estimated that by 2025, that there will be well over a million people in the United kingdom that will have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's or Dementia. The Alzheimer's Society has stated that around one in five people in the United Kingdom over the age of 85 years already have been diagnosed with dementia, and this is going to rise steadily as we are an aging population. Dementia also seems to be a lot higher among women than that of men. 
If you do not have Lasting Power of Attorney in place, and you lose mental capacity and are unable to make decisions for yourself, your family and even your spouse will find it virtually impossible to handle your affairs and it will be up to the courts to decide who will then look after your affairs. 
Most people do not class making a Will as something of importance, not being a priority they tend only to only consider making a Will if something happens such as they or someone close is diagnosed with a terminal illness, or someone close has had something unfortunate happen. 
Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease are now classed as being the biggest cause of death in the UK. As we are an ageing population, this I guess is hardly surprising. 
Putting Lasting Power of Attorney in place will enable a person to plan ahead, should something happen in the future and they are no longer able to make their own decisions, being diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimer's Disease means that as the condition progresses the likelihood of the person being able to make their own decisions becomes more apparent. 
Denise Brewster lost her long-term partner Lenny McMullan whom she had been co-habiting with for over 10 years, they had brought their home together and were planning on getting married. 
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